I am currently  located in San Francisco, CA working as a Lighting Designer and Event Manager. I regularly work in New York City, Boston, and Tulsa. I received my B.F.A. in Theatre Arts with a concentration in Design & Production from East Carolina University. During my final year, I spent time in New York working under the direction of Howell Binkley on the Broadway musical Allegiance. In 2017 I assisted Kirk Bookman on the Off-Broadway musical Sweetee. I was a 2016 Hemsley Lighting Internship finalist. My work was featured in the 2016 Hemsley Portfolio Review in New York and on the Rosco Spectrum Blog. You can read the article here. While my primary focus is on Theatre, Dance, and Event Lighting, I am in the process of branching out to Architecture and Music as well. 

I am the founder and Executive Director of Boston's Furnace Fringe Festival which occurred in Boston, MA. My goals were to foster a community of like minded artists, provide opportunities to artists to showcase their work, and grow their network of connections. All of the proceeds from the festival went towards the Furnace Fringe Scholarship which was created to support students who choose to pursue a degree in the arts.

I'm drawn to lighting because it guides a story in a very subtle way, yet has a very powerful impact on any image. Lighting affects people on both a psychological and physiological level, it directly affects our emotions.  It fascinates me to explore the various ways I can use lighting to alter people's perception of what they are looking at on both a communal and individual basis.  I believe lighting is one of the utmost important parts of any production. It's the final thing that ties the entire work of art together and really helps bring people into the artistic world being created.